Our guests are pampered each and every minute that they spend at camp. All of our guests stay in a clean, spacious, stress-free suite. Throughout their day they enjoy loving pampering from our well trained staff, plenty of exercise and fresh air in our large outdoor fenced play yard and two spacious indoor play arenas, and extra TLC from onsite owner. We can accommodate any pet, big or small, from guinea pigs & birds to lizards, cats, and ferrets. And remember… don’t send your pet to just any kennel, send them to a slumber party!

What to bring to camp?

  • Each camper must have a collar – no prong or choke collars will be left on while at camp.
  • Food – You may bring it pre-proportioned or in a bin or bag, whichever is your preference.
  • Medications
  • Copy of Vaccination Record: Proof of Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordetella all within 1 year of your pets stay.
  • ​We provide stainless steel bowls for your pet so those may be disinfected daily during your pets stay.

We strongly discourage you to send along anything from home that may not be replaced, such as a favorite toy or blanket. We do allow small blankets or beds that can be laundered, however, we are not able to allow large comforters or beds that cannot easily be washed in case of an accident or mud. We do have a large supply of dog beds, cots, and toys available for no additional cost. We do have available for purchase dog bones, rawhides, pigs ears, etc. or you can bring your own for no charge. ​

*Un-spayed females in heat are not allowed*

*Full days cannot be split into half days

*No other discounts can be applied to packages

Proof of current vaccinations is required before bringing your pet to our facility. Please see our policies and forms page for more information.